Precor Research: 5 Discoveries to Help You Grow Your Business

Precor Research: 5 Discoveries to Help You Grow Your Business

How much do you know about your members’ fitness beliefs and equipment usage?

Precor conducted a major research study to get answers to the biggest questions that affect your business. In this study, Precor discovered five key findings when it came to how people are using strength, cardio and other forms of fitness.

Some of the questions you’ll get answers to include:

  • How aware are members of the equipment in your club?
  • What are your members noticing about the equipment, and what are they tuning out?
  • How do both strength and cardio affect member retention?
Our national study focused on 500 men and 500 women who have been current gym members for more than three months.

We discovered that while it’s surprising who’s interested in specific activities (62% of women are interested in strength), interest does not necessarily result in action. And while members try many different pieces of equipment, they only stick with a few machines. Nevertheless, traditional techniques have staying power – a high percentage of both men and women in the study have used free weights, selectorized machines, plate loaded machines and benches consistently for more than a year.
Learn more about these findings to help grow your business in this webinar with Precor Director of Strength Product Development, Pete Borchert.