Hottest Fitness Trend

Strength: 2013’s Hottest Fitness Trend

Body builders aren’t the only exercisers using conventional strength equipment these days.

In fact, did you know that strength equipment ranks second (only behind treadmills) in terms of club member participation? It’s true — some 21.5 million members use resistance machines annually.

Even the demographics are changing. While you’ll still see body builders and serious athletes using strength equipment, you’ll also find a growing number of baby boomers. This might range from a 60-year old woman strength training to increase bone density or a 50-year old man just beginning to add strength to his fitness routine.

At the same time, strength equipment provides clubs and trainers the opportunity to be involved with members – especially new members. As members are introduced to the equipment, progressive training can lead to fewer member injuries and thus a higher retention rate.

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