Commercial Design Tool

The Precor product icons are intended for floor layout plans. These icons are in a 1:1 ratio. If different, scaling will be denoted next to the icon. Please contact Precor via email at with any questions concerning the design tool icons. 

MAC Download Instructions

PC Download Instructions

 1. Hold down the Control button and click on the link.  1. Right click on the link.
 2. Select the Download Link to Disk option from the menu that appears.

 2. Select the Save Target As... option from the menu that appears.

 3. Choose the destination file where you want to save the image.  3. Choose the destination file where you want to save the image.
 4. Click Save and the image will begin to download to the chosen location.

 4. Click Save and the image will begin to download to the chosen location


AMT Product Icons

AMT 100i Adaptive Motion Trainer

EFX Product Icons

EFX 576i Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer

EFX 556i Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer

EFX 546i Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer  

EFX 534i Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer

EFX 532i Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer

Treadmill Product Icons

966i Treadmill

956i Treadmill

954i Treadmill

946i Treadmill

932i Treadmill

Bike Product Icons

UBK 815 Upright Bike

RBK 815 Recumbent Bike

Climber Product Icons

776i Climber

Core & Stretching Product Icons

240i StretchTrainer

Ab-X Abdominal Trainer

V-Crunch Abdominal Trainer

Experience Strength C-Line Product Icons

Upper Body

C404EC Chest Press

C500EC Shoulder Press

C304EC Lat Pulldown

C310EC Seated Row

C505EC Rear Delt/Pec Fly

C504EC Lateral Raise

C204EC Bicep Curl

C215EC Seated Dip

C208EC Tricep Extension

Lower Body

C605EC Leg Extension

C619EC Seated Leg Curl

C620EC Inner Thigh

C621EC Outer Thigh

C602EC Leg Press

C618EC Glute Extension

C606EC Prone Leg Curl

C623EC Calf Extension


C313EC Back Extension

C712EC Abdominal

C315EC Rotary Torso

Experience Strength S-Line Product Icons

Upper Body

C001ES Chest Press

C012ES Shoulder Press

C002ES Pulldown

C019ES Seated Row

C015ES Rear Delt/Pec Fly

C003ES Bicep Curl

C023ES Tricep Extension

Lower Body

C005ES Leg Extension

C007ES Seated Leg Curl

C010ES Leg Press

C008ES Inner/Outer Thigh


C011ES Back Extension

C014ES Abdominal

Icarian Strength Line Product Icons            

Functional Trainers

FTS - Functional Trainer System

FTS Glide - Functional Trainer

407B - Adjustable Cable Crossover


FT 334 Pulldown - Functional Trainer

FT 332 Row - Functional Trainer

FT 444 Chest - Functional Trainer

FT 555 Shoulder - Functional Trainer


311 - Incline Lever Row

540 - Bench Press

541 - Incline Press

550 - Shoulder Press

601 - Angled Leg Press

603 - Hack Slide

624 - Super Squat

616 - Seated Calf

802 - Smith Machine

Benches & Racks

101- Flat Bench

113 - Adjustable Decline Bench

116 - Multi-Purpose Bench

119 - Super Bench

702 - Vertical Knee Up

312 - Back Extension

408 - Olympic Bench

410 - Olympic Incline Bench

411 - Olympic Decline Bench

507 - Olympic Seated Bench

608 - Squat Rack

202 - Seated Preacher Curl

610 - Power Cage

818 - Handle Tack

812 - Dumbell Rack

813 - Beauty Bell Rack

816 - Vertical Plate Tree

808 - Barbell Rack


820 - Multi-Gym


Pulldown Modular Station

Longpull Modular Station

Dip/Chin Assist Modular Station

Tricep Pushdown Modular Station

Adjustable Hi/low Pulley Modular Station

2-Stack CW2004

2-Stack CW2006

2-Stack CW2008

4-Stack CW2131

4-Stack CW2137

4-Stack CW2163

4-Stack CW2168

4-Stack CW2180

4-Stack CW2190

5-Stack CW2201

5-Stack CW2205

6-Stack CW2222

6-Stack CW2223

6-Stack CW2224

6-Stack CW2270

6-Stack CW2275

8-Stack CW2501

8-Stack CW2503

8-Stack CW2504

8-Stack CW2505

12-Stack CW2912


302 - Longpull

304 - Pulldown

320 - Dip/Chin Assist